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Micha Christos

Kunsthaus  Zürich 

«Picasso – Gorky – Warhol» 



From September 20, 2019 to January 5, 2020

Arshile Gorky, Untitled, 1931–1933 Indian ink on paper, 64.8 x 92.7 cm Hubert Looser Collection, © 2019 ProLitteris, Zurich

Pablo Picasso, Sylvette, 1954

Sheet cut and painted to oil on both sides, 69.9 x 47 x 1 cm

Hubert Looser Collection, © Picasso Succession / 2019 ProLitteris, Zurich

David Smith, Untitled (Virgin Islands), 1933

Chinese ink on paper, 46.4 x 61 cm

Hubert Looser Collection, © 2019 ProLitteris, Zurich

Al Taylor, The Peabody Group # 8, 1992

Pencil, ink and gouache on paper, 127 x 96.5 centimeters

Hubert Looser Collection, © The Estate of Al Taylor




The Kunsthaus Zürich presents a selection of sculptures and graphic works belonging to the Hubert Looser Collection.

Surprise of the exhibition beyond the 70 works of surrealism, abstract expressionism, arte paver and minimalism, some proposals of Pop Art and modern art will allow visitors to get a close look at the presence of sculptures in space thanks to the play of lines and textures that emerge from drawing sheets.


The first work of the Looser Collection, Arshile Gorky’s large-format drawing adopts a unique mode of representation for its time by combining abstract, figurative and biomorphic elements. Born in the Ottoman Empire and immigrated to the United States in 1920, he is inspired by Picasso’s research and precedes the abstractionist movement that will prevail much later with Jackson Pollock.


The exhibition presents another major sculptural work, this time from Willem de Kooning, «Head», dated 1973. Born in the Netherlands, Kooning is one of the most important artists of American art after the Second World War by reinventing the power of sculptural work to make it a tactile event.

Meret Oppenheim, Weiblicher

Oberkörper, 1954 Chinese ink on paper,

59.2 x 42 cm Hubert Looser Collection, © 2019 ProLitteris, Zurich

Willem de Kooning, Untitled, around 1970/71

Oil on paper on canvas, 176.2 x 94 cm

Hubert Looser Collection, © 2019 ProLitteris, Zurich

A l Taylor, born in 1948. did not differentiate between his two- and three-dimensional compositions: for him, it was drawings in space. 


His «Hanging Puddles» are abstract lines of steel ribbons that unfold in space. For the series «The Peabody Group», Taylor has written on paper, in ink and paint, the contours of dog urine puddles found on sidewalks and thus turned them into art.


Roni Horn uses patch maps for his self-mapping surveys, drawing them with pigments and pencils before cutting them out and recomposing them into abstract patterns that give the impression of architectural constructions. This poetic minimalism strikes with its fragile and delicate beauty.

The exhibition provides an insight into essential aspects of the dialogue between drawing and sculpture of European and American modernity. 


Picasso’s «Sylvette» is a vibrant and hypnotic example, as is Klein’s work, whose mythical blue feminine forms seem to give shape to the canvas. 


The Hubert Looser Collection, with the strength of line, volume and material, is an essential jewel in the world of the Kunsthaus Zürich, whose extension will be completed by the end of 2020.


An unforgettable Swiss trip...

Yves Klein, ANT 37, vers 1960

Pure pigment and synthetic resin on paper on canvas, 79 x 29.5 cm

Hubert Looser Collection, © The Estate of Yves Klein / 2019 ProLitteris, Zurich

Andy Warhol, Mao, 1973

Graphite on paper, 92.1 x 92.7 cm Hubert Looser Collection, © The

Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / 2019 ProLitteris,


Roni Horn, Could IX, 1996

Pigment powder, graphite, charcoal, colored pencil and varnish on paper, 136 x 177 cm

Hubert Looser Collection, © Roni Horn

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