Love is ALL

The Lovers of Verona

Photographer Alessandra Cenna

Palazzo Canossa Vérone

Residenza Borsari - Vérone

Residenza Borsari - Vérone




Verona, forever consecrated city of lovers by Shakespeare and the tragic passion of "Romeo and Juliet" is as wonderful as it is rich in history.

The romantic city was founded by the Romans in the meanders of the Adige river.

 Its incredible cultural heritage with the legendary scent of famous lovers makes the heart of the city beat. The small cobbled streets in the shade of its mythical architecture, the squares and their monuments still echo the eternal oaths of their passion.

 Juliette's balcony, symbol of this love, is a must-see place of pilgrimage for a vibrant tribute to the history of the Capulets and Montagues, finally united forever.




In the courtyard of the building, tradition has it that whoever comes to touch the statue of Juliet on her right side will see his destiny blessed by Eros. To this day, Juliet receives thousands of letters telling her about heartbreaks and begging her to give her precious advice from the afterlife.


In the emblematic city of love, it is sweet to come as a couple to savor this poetic atmosphere in guest rooms with unforgettable charm.

Opposite Verona Castle, “Il Relais” offers a decor similar to its famous restaurant, “La Locanda Castelvecchio”. This warm intimacy offers different atmospheres in its four spacious and luxurious rooms.

La Stanza del Vescovo Rooms - Castelvecchio  - Vérone

Juliette - VéroneJuliette - Vérone

 « Roméo! Roméo! Pourquoi es-tu Roméo? 

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

Venetian, Rococo, English Colonial and Indochinese influences, all the precious and original pieces come from the flea markets visited by the family of the owners, Amando Bordin, the father and his daughter, Alice. Japanese prints by Kimonos from the period, Venetian frames from the 18th century, designer furniture from the 1960's blend happily with the modernity of Fornasetti and contemporary paintings.

In this elegant address, inspired by the world of travel and the arts, everything is exquisite, details from the decoration to the kitchen.


Near the castle, the "Palazzo Canossa", built between 1530 and 1537, a magnificent historical and private building, offers its huge and sumptuous room "La Stanza del Vescovo" - The Bishop's Room -.a remarkable frescoed ceiling lulls the sleep of its guests in the softness of its pastel tones for a most refined stay in this mansion steeped in history.

In its bourgeois residence, the "Résidence Borsari" overlooks the calm of a pedestrian street and offers nine rooms on its three floors designed by architect Mario Santini.

Each with its particular style, the wallpapers refer to distant and ethnic universes made of plants in the soft light of Moroccan lanterns.

 A large fireplace warms guests in the living room and the sun welcomes them on the terrace for breakfast, a beautiful chic and central address.

 Not far from the Arena, the "Butterfly Boutique Rooms" were created by a young couple, Laura Giovedì and Gian Matteo Rossi, passionate about the art of living. This discreet 17th century residence has seven rooms that are as different as they are unique. All the equipment is at the cutting edge of technology and all the decoration of the highest level. In this contemporary daring place, the service is refined and the teams attentive.

Vecchia Verona Rooms - Vérone

Balcon de Juliette - Vérone

Butterfly Boutique Rooms - Vérone







Close to the Adige, the architect Giampaolo Canevaro imagined a place of pure simplicity, the "Vecchia Verona". All the furniture in these three bedrooms has been custom designed, a very trendy universe where you can relax with delight.

It is the perfect address to discover authentic Verona in Sottoriva, a central district full of restaurants, typical cafes, and antique shops.


Magical city, Verona is discovered and rediscovered with beating hearts and awakening senses, a magical journey to write a love story in style and to combine it with always.



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Palazzo Canossa 

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Il Relais - Vérone

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