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Micha Christos

Centre Pompidou


October 10, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art 2002

© Mitsuo Matsuoka.

Church of Light 1989 

© Mitsuo Matsuoka













The Centre Pompidou presents a major retrospective exhibition on the Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

On this occasion, this great figure of contemporary architecture questions the principles of his creation.

Historical Museum of Sayamaik

© Mitsuo Matsuoka.










Born in 1941 in Osaka, Japan, Tadao Ando, a passionate architect, gave up a career as a professional boxer before embarking on an initiatory world tour in 1965 to study architecture.


It is in his birthplace that he creates his own agency in 1969. A counter current of the technological trend of architecture of the ‘70s, his creations are always sober and clean. 


From the beginning, he likes to use smooth concrete in simple geometric volumes.

Awaji Yumebutai 1999 

© Mitsuo Matsuoka.

 Church on the water 1988

© Yoshio Shiratori

  Koshino house  1981-1984 

© Shinkenchiku-sha

Benesse House Museum Oval 

Naoshima 1992-1995

© Mitsuo Matsuoka

Koshino  house 1981-1984 

© Shinkenchiku-sha

Shanghai Poly Grand Theater 2014 

© Shigeo Ogawa









Concerned about the relationship of his constructions to the soul and the body, he integrates natural elements such as light and water. «Architecture must welcome the joy of living of men. Otherwise, our body is not attracted to it. 


He says. To do this, he constantly reflects on the link between three-dimensional volumes, height, surface and dimension.

Light is the red thread of his creations.


"What I felt while observing Romanesque churches ... is that only light was hope. I created the Church of Light by asking myself if the symbol of community was not light. Architecture also involves creating places for the community. 

I realize my architectures by asking myself how I could conceive things that remain engraved in the souls of men for eternity. "

Liangzhu Village Cultural Art Center 


© Vanke

Tadao Ando has received numerous international awards and honors, including the prestigious Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 1995 in the United States. 

More than 300 projects are listed worldwide during his fifty-year career.

The Pompidou Center retrospective presents about 50 major projects with 180 drawings, 70 original models and numerous slideshows.


The scenography of the exhibition imagined by Tadao Ando and realized in collaboration with his agency, is articulated around four main themes the primitive form of the space, the challenge of the urban one, the genesis of the landscape and the dialogue with the history. 

The architect unveils on this occasion his own photos, his travel diaries and his drawings in lead pencil, which, until then, had never been exposed to the public.

Buddha Hill 2015 

© Shigeo Ogawa

Tadao Ando 

© Kazumi Kurigami



In this great exhibition, key achievements of his career are highlighted, such as the Azuma house in Sumiyoshi (1976), Naoshima and his dialogue with nature, from 1988 to the present day, the Church of Light (1989) or even The Bourse de Commerce in Paris (autumn 2019).


Tadao Ando lets the wind of his soul breathe a pure spirit into his creations and thus bathes his work with this timeless poetry of inner light.

Meditation space

UNESCO 1995 

© Tadao Ando

Festival 1984 

© Tadao Ando

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