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 In the privacy of his institute "L’Epicentre" located in the heart of a bright Haussmann apartment, Stephan Jaulin offers holistic health consultations and personalized care.


A biologist by training, Stephan Jaulin is committed to rebalancing the body's internal energies through living nutrition, aromatherapy and naturopathy. He built this approach from his personal experience and by taking into account the energy circulation on the physiological, mental and emotional level of each person according to his experience and his feelings.


Each consultation is tailor-made and aims at the overall harmonization of mind and body for authentic and lasting beauty.

Stephan Jaulin


Stephan Jaulin has developed 100% natural, energetic and living cosmetics. His "Dynamie" method combines preparations based on Grand Cru essential oils and ultra concentrated with scientifically proven electromagnetic and acoustic effects.


The facials that he performs himself stimulate the self-regeneration of the epidermis. They visibly strengthen the collagen and elasticity of the skin from the first session.

This treatment is accompanied by a personalized protocol with a treatment to be continued at home to continue to oxygenate, tone, regulate, drain, purify and regenerate.


In this spirit of regeneration, Stephan Jaulin works with a Japanese treatment device, the Iyashi Dôme. This authentic Japanese sauna goes beyond simple sweating to detoxify the body in depth, even acting on heavy metals. True anti-aging for the skin, Iyashi Dôme regenerates cells, helps to slim down as well as for sports preparation or recovery.





In order to perpetuate the benefits of the care he provides at his center, Stephan Jaulin offers purified water using the original fountain process and high energy dietary supplements, gluten and lactose free. Based on living plant foods, inspired by Dr Brian Clément, Professor Henri Joyeux, Hildegarde de Bingen and Essene recipes, Stephan Jaulin has also developed medicinal cures based on Holy Food, an energizing food produced by Isadora Dornier. This holistic diet allows you to regenerate in depth, to detoxify yourself in order to regain your shape, figure and good mood.


Holygreen raw herb juices reinforce this dynamic in beauty with their 30% germinated alfafa, which makes them unique. These personalized cures are made to order and delivered to your home.


"L'Epicentre" vibrates in the colors of Miro and Matisse to offer fans of natural beauty a unique place

of healing and well-being.

An oasis of peace and smile where beauty breathes.





8 place de Breteuil 75015 Paris