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Royal gateway

by Alessandra Cenna

Le Grand Contrôle Château de Versailles  © Renee Kemps 

Common Places - corridors

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The Airelles hotel group, owner of magnificent establishments in Courchevel, Val d'Isère and Gordes, inaugurated "Le Grand Contrôle" last year.

The hotel located in the heart of the Estate of the Palace of Versailles, has been completely redone and decorated by the architect Christophe Tollemer, who was inspired by the Petit Trianon and the Louis XVI style.

The work lasted four years and the reference year for the decoration is 1788, the year of the last inventory of the “Grand Contrôle”.

Originally designed by Jules Hardouin Mansart, favorite architect of Louis XV, this residence was that of the Comptroller General of Finances until the Revolution and had Jacques Necker as the last occupant. The building was then transformed into a meeting place for the political and cultural elites of the time.

Adjoining the castle, the residence runs along the Orangerie offering an exceptional view of the whole.

Main staircase

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Palace of Versailles South Attica © Renee Kemps 

 Le Grand Cabinet Restaurant

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Each of its 14 rooms and suites bears a name linked to its history, thus rubbing shoulders with Rose Bertin, Jacques Necker, Madame de Fouquet and Madame de Staël. They are all dressed in original fabrics recreated by Pierre Frey. The ball of stripes and Indian motifs, flowers and butterflies highlights the objects and works of art, real antiques or faithful reproductions which decorate them. The beds are four-poster, the parquet floors in old wood, the marble fireplaces, the old-fashioned bathtubs, each apartment remains faithful to the royal codes and a butler is dedicated to each room to organize the stay of its guests as well as possible.

The Ducasse Restaurant and the Valmont Spa are the perfect complement to this luxurious atmosphere.

An exclusive and unique hotel experience that immerses you in history.

Restaurant Cabinet of Marie Antoinette  © Renee Kemps 




An hotel not just for sleeping but for experiencing the splendours of an era with its private access to the castle. A confidential way to enter the Hall of Mirrors to scroll through its 357 mirrors and attend a game session in the Salon d'audience or access the Orangerie garden for a picnic.


A haven of royal tranquility close to Paris for a trip to another space-time as if Versailles, instead of telling us about it, was inviting us to its court.



Airelles Château de Versailles 

Le Grand Contrôle 

78000 Versailles

Suite Necker Bathroom

© Renee Kemps 

 Necker Suite © Renee Kemps 

Valmont Spa Indoor pool © Renee Kemps