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Alessandra Cenna

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Described by André Breton as the magic capital of Europe, eternal and in the making, Jewish and Catholic, Prague, the city with a hundred towers and a thousand panoramas, enchants its visitors with its intimate atmosphere in its golden light.






Romanesque and romantic, it mixes with grace the epochs, from medieval Gothic architecture to Art Nouveau and cubism through the Baroque of the Renaissance.


Czechs, Germans and Jews give this cultural cradle an inspiration so intense that it has given birth to many artists, writers, painters, musicians and architects.


In its maze of cobblestone streets topped with towers, steeples or belfries, it is pleasant to stroll along the shady stone bridges along the Vlatava River.


Symbol of the city, the castle is located on a slope in the heart of the vineyards of St. Wenceslas. Constituted in reality of an immense set of religious and historical buildings, it offers to the curious and the strollers its secret gardens.

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Adorned with its 30 famous statues of saints, the Charles Bridge connects since the 14th century, the district of Malà Strana to the old town, Staré Mesto. 


We pass from a setting made of steep streets with red roofs, populated with baroque churches, the atmosphere of pastel facades of elegant houses punctuated with the sound of an astronomical clock and golden bells.


A spiritual place, magical and steeped in history, the old ghetto remains one of the largest sets of Jewish monuments in Europe.


Founded in the 15th century, it has 12,000 Gothic tombstones with the Old Cemetery adjoining the synagogues.

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Today a real architectural revolution is starting. 

Residences in the city center and residential areas, such as Bubenec, have been restored into an anthology of grandiose styles from Neo-Baroque to Art Nouveau with folk motifs.


Cafes, art galleries and trendy restaurants, for their part, happily invest in abandoned factories and old slaughterhouses to recreate places at the forefront of modernity.


Far from being stuck in a past that compares it too often to a pasteboard meringue, Prague revisits with style the codes of its Czech traditions. 

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The Mama Shelter Hotel Prague is a perfect reflection of the effervescence of this resolutely contemporary energy. 


Under the auspices of the Trigano family and Philippe Starck, this place of life plays the playful and offbeat spirit to offer its guests a stay with all the advantages of modernity just a stone’s throw from the old town.


Located in the trendy Holešovice district, the Hotel is next to the National Gallery. 

This refined address with cheerful and colorful decor 

has kept its Czech identity, a haven of peace to discover 

with delight the magic of this unique city.

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