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Pompeii the Eternal




1st of July - September, 27 2020

Fresco with Nereid on a horse in a marine environment of the counter of a thermopolis

1st century AD Pompeii, intersection of rue des Noces d’Argent and rue des Balcon

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Jules-Léon Chifflot

Centenary House in Pompeii watercolor, gouache and gold heightening on paper

Canvas 162 cm x 115 cm - 1903

Paris, National School of Fine Arts

© Beaux-Arts de Paris, Dist. Rmn-Grand Palais / Beaux-arts de Paris image

The goddess Venus in her chariot drawn by elephants - 1st century AD

fresco 151 x 196 cm - Feutriers workshop, facade - Pompeii, Pompeii Archaeological Park

© Parco archeologico di Pompei,  Amedeo Benestante

Cover of the exhibition catalog 17 × 24 cm, 192 pages, 25 €, 200 illustrations

approximately, in bookshops on March 25, 2020 © National Museums Meeting-

Grand Palais, 2020 © GEDEON Programs / Stéphane Compoint

Pompeii has fascinated for centuries, and archaeological excavations continue to uncover the buried ruins of this civilization sealed by the fire of Vulcan in a single night in AD 79. Its history was frozen forever by the flow of lava from Vesuvius and preserved its treasures worthy of the greatest splendor of Rome for centuries.

These tragedies made this place a Phoenix of ancient works of art, so this place has become a world heritage of humanity under the protection of Unesco. Pompeii was prosperous thanks to its trade and its fertile lands. Works of art adorned the homes of wealthy practitioners, and archaeologists are always amazed at the treasures they manage to pull out of this earth so fertile in discoveries that exceed their wildest expectations.

Thus are revealed works of great beauty, striking portraits of perfectly preserved women and goddesses and frescoes of animal scenes. Exceptional mosaics and craft objects stand alongside the skeletons of the victims of this ancient tragedy.

The Reunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais offers its public an experience of a new kind by bringing Pompeii to life thanks to cutting-edge technologies deployed on the site itself to take very high resolution shots and reconstruct 3D images of ‘a living precision.

These impressive digital experiences accompanied by city sounds and original music allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the heart of Pompeii. He thus finds himself caught up in the effervescent life of the streets of the city until its doom and its glorious rediscovery since the 18th century.

3D reconstruction Vesuvius

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3D reconstruction Vesuvius

© GEDEON Programs

Jules-Léon Chifflot

Centenary House in Pompeii (2) gouache on paper - 69 cm x 156 cm - 1903

Paris, National School of Fine Arts © Beaux-Arts de Paris, Dist. Rmn-Grand Palais / Beaux-arts de Paris image

The exhibition will allow visitors to contemplate the full-scale splendor of the frescoes that decorated the most beautiful Pompeian residences.

The treasures of amulets and refined objects in earthenware, molten glass, ivory, bone, amber, bronze and marble rub shoulders with jewels and sumptuous furniture.

A magnificent mosaic of the nympheum depicts Arian and Dionysus as Venus appears in all her majesty on her chariot drawn by elephants.

This unique sensory experience brings visitors back to life in a spectacular way the daily life of the Pompeiians and archaeologists in search of their secrets.

Pompeii covers 66 hectares and only 44 have been excavated to date. This archaeological site is the only one capable of reconstructing in its entirety an ancient Roman center, from the simplest graffiti to the largest architectural and decorative elements. The virtually vivid exhibition immerses its guests in a succession of emotions to stimulate their appetites for knowledge and their ability to marvel.



Pompeii, through its history, traces that of humanity 

facing the great mystery of life and its eternity 

beyond its temporality.

Small tesserae mosaic (vermiculatum) representing Dionysus and Ariadne

1st century AD J.-C. - limestone - 45 x 45 cm

Fountain along rue du Vésuve - Pompeii, Pompeii Archaeological Park

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Fresco with amphorae from the counter of a thermopole

1st century AD - Pompeii, intersection of rue des Noces d’Argent and rue des Balcon

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Portrait of a female figure, possibly the mistress of the house - 1st century AD Pompeii, house with garden

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