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Mr Pierre Frey

Chair fabrics: Tibere Collection - Autumnal

On the occasion of the bicentenary of Braquenié and during the January events linked to Paris Déco Off, the Château de Louÿe, in the Eure Valley, opened its doors with a superb presentation.

When Monsieur d'Arjuzon acquired this magnificent residence in 1770, he could not have imagined that each generation would have left its mark there, from the neoclassical era to the fantasies of the Second Empire.


The current owners of the castle, Jean-Ghislain and Eléonore Lepic, gave carte blanche to Maison Braquenié-Pierre Frey to decorate part of the castle and allow them to exhibit the emblematic designs, tapestries, carpets and wallpapers, in a concept faithful to the pleasures of the country, delightfully combining bucolic and gallant scenes.


For the inauguration of this magnificent setting, Mr. Pierre Frey received his guests at the entrance to the castle and his father Patrick Frey was waiting for them inside.


Founded in 1823, Braquenié, designer of furnishing textiles, is famous for its printed cottons, silks and hand-woven rugs. From 1858, the House became a great designer of interior decoration thanks to the equipment purchased from the Manufacture Oberkampf when it closed in 1843. Marie Antoinette already preferred their toiles de Jouy to the brocades of Versailles. Adored by crowned heads, the brand enjoyed great success from 1858 to 1880 thanks to imperial orders. With the renovation of many castles after the war, it also returned to the firmament of its celebrity in the 1950s.


It was in 1991 that the Frey family bought the company with its incredible archives. Frey is committed to preserving all of its heritage and its original richness in the tradition of know-how and the passion for excellence. The Pierre Frey heritage funds hold more than 16,000 Braquenié archival documents. The style office was also inspired by it for this 1823-2023 Anniversary Collection in the patterns and colors. The stylists have chosen to reissue certain models identically or they have focused on details by mixing in other patterns, always respecting the codes of elegance and originality.

Pierre Frey Archives and Heritage

Pierre Frey Archives and Heritage


The Collection therefore highlights reproductions and reinterpretations kept in the archives of the House, in the heritage collections of the Palace of Versailles, in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris or the Museum of the Toile de Jouy.


Fifty-four fabric patterns, thirty-six wallpapers, ten rugs and four carpets bring the soul of this house back to life. The "Grand Corail" table service, which combines the know-how of Maison Pierre Frey with that of Maison Bernardaud, is thus exhibited in majesty in the rooms of the Château de Louÿe.


The brand's icons continue their celebration of classicism with tapestries featuring large designs of fruit and foliage, clusters embroidered in cross stitch or bouquets of various flowers. Other drawings form real travel stories such as Indian and chinoiserie referring to Asia, Persia and the Americas.


Braquenié is part of the history of the decorative arts and its reinterpretation of the models of the 18th and 19th centuries transmits to us, with new impetus, the heritage of the rules of traditional know-how and the timelessness of the French style, rich and opulent. .


An escape in time to the rhythm of luxury in its creativity and its dreamed abundance.


Pierre Frey - Braquenié

Anniversary Collection 1823-2023

Pierre Frey Collection

  Parvarti- mint

Pierre Frey

Parvati collection

Pierre Frey

Parvarti and Zarand collections

Collection Panoramique Voile de Gênes and Archives - Patrimoine Pierre Frey 

Tapis Chenonceau et

 Tissu Indus 

Pierre Frey 

Coordinated Zarand Collection

Pierre Frey

Pontchartrain Collection and Queen's Apartments Collection

Bernardaud plates for Pierre Frey Braquenie Collection

Pierre Frey Ahsoka rose garden collection

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Pierre Frey

 Léopoldine Collection

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