Love is ALL

Pixels of Hope

By Alessandra Cenna

JOANA CHOUMALI - Untitled 2019 








 Since 2008, Pictet, one of the largest financial groups in the world specializing in the field of heritage and real estate investments, has been organizing an International Photography Prize.

This award is placed under the sign of sustainable development. It aims to raise awareness of the devastating effects of climate change and the depletion of resources affecting our planet.

Its seven previous editions were all linked to different environmental themes - “Water”, “Earth”, “Growth”, “Power”, “Consumption”, “Disorder”, “Space”. All the works produced and exhibited have toured the world in more than ninety places, or forty cities.

In memory of the Honorary President of the Pictet Prize since its inception, Kofi Annan, who passed away in 2017 after his last speech, the 8th cycle of the prize is entitled "Hope", taking up this theme which was so dear to him.


  Two friends pose for their portrait .. Cape Town South Africa



Summer Wreath 




Art knows how to triumph beyond words when they fail to stem or repair the tragedies suffered by nature and humanity.

In the photographer's eye, even in the darkest images, the light pulsates and shows the way. Another angle, another light and the way opens beyond all confusion.

More than six hundred photographers have been selected for this “Hope” Prize, of which only twelve finalists have been chosen by an expert jury. The exhibition has already left Verona but remains in Italy, in Milan, during the month of November before flying to Tel Aviv, Shanghai and Dublin.

Each artist of the 8th Prix Pictet has created a unique link with his conception of hope, nature and the universe.

It was Joana Choumali from the Ivory Coast who won the 8th Prix Pictet with her series of “it will be ok” photographs. Three weeks after the terrorist attack in Grand Bassam in Ivory Coast, on March 13, 2016, she decided to reproduce this particularly dear place, having spent her holidays as a carefree little girl on the beach. To be as discreet as possible in the face of the surrounding pain, she used her iPhone.

With infinite delicacy and great mastery, she was able to embroider her photos with tears of color like benefactor rays of the sun to heal the wounds of abandoned beings and landscapes. 


Esme Swimming Parkroyal 

on Pickering Singapore

As for the American, Janelle Lynch, her large images of "Another Way of Looking Love" vibrate with quiet contemplation in this magic of the sensitive relationship to the other and to our planet.


Namibia, a country with an arid climate and immense poverty, sees its universe of drought dancing in the eyes of Margaret Courtney-Clark with her series “Cry Sadness into the Coming Rain” because the rain in this desolate desert brings back life and hope.


The next Prix Pictet, the 9th, has as its theme “Fire” and its list of finalists has already been published. As for the name of the winner, it will be revealed in December in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


After hope, the flame ... enough to revive and purify our world thanks to the beauty of art in the face of the torments that agitate it.



from 6 to November 28, 2021

Fondazione Sozzani - Corso Como 10 - Milano - Italy





Protestors outside Cosatu House … (2012) 


 Principle of Hope ( still 6)