Love is ALL


Universal soul

Micha Christos

Gentleman, born in Holland, Paul Van Kleef very quickly saw the world through the prism of his sensibility out of the ordinary. 

As a three-year-old boy, he rolls his eyes and announces with disconcerting simplicity that a plane will crash, which unfortunately for the passengers, occurs. 


His gift of medium will only grow over the years, surprising his loved ones to the point that it took them 16 years to consult one of the oldest people in this profession. 


The teenager did not know that what he was feeling was so special until the old man told him tremblingly that he was six times more powerful than him. That day, Paul Van Kleef became aware of this gift, this clear and bright vision that was in him.


In accordance with the prediction Paul Van Kleef made at his express request and to confirm his own vision, the old man disappeared a week after this meeting.


Bearer of an immense universe, Paul Van Kleef then undertook to learn languages, to date he knows perfectly twelve and more for the use.


Graduate in interpreting in a famous Swiss school, his physical beauty brings him to the international model. 


He travels alongside the greatest photographers to regularly make one of VOGUE men in all world editions. Advertising also seizes his charisma and it is the turn of Hollywood to engage him as an actor. 


Fascinated by the world of the image, he develops his innate intuition in art and fashion.


Today, after several trips around the world, he returns to this immense universe that makes him hear the stories of the beings he meets with the limpidity of the crystal.


At the sound of the voice of each person who crosses his path, Paul Van Kleef sees the fabric of his life unfold before his deep, respectful and empathetic gaze. Now conscious and in full possession of his gift, Paul Van Kleef today chooses to make it a profession in the service of others, without leaving the activities that make him vibrate as his expertise in works of art and his passion for the haute couture that dresses the red carpets.



This star can light up without ever burning...

His predictions have a single purpose, elevation.