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Casa d' Arte

Alessandra Cenna





Gaspar Van Wittel - View of the Adige near Saint George in Braida © Palazzo Maffei

Elicoidale staircase © Paolo Riolzi

Frescoes in room 2 “Mirabilia“ © Alessandra Cenna

Superb Residence - Museum of the late Renaissance, the Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo, was inaugurated in the center of Verona last February.


On its Baroque facade, six statues of Greek gods overlook the most beautiful square in the city, the Place aux Herbes, made famous by its stalls with white parasols and its houses decorated with mythological frescoes.

Built by a family of wealthy bankers in the 17th century on the remains of the Roman forum, it serves its three floors by the spiral of its helical staircase, a feat of architectural elegance.


The Veronese entrepreneur and art collector Luigi Carlon has purchased this magnificent building to restore it to display his private collection, the result of more than fifty years in galleries and international auctions.

The intimacy of the personal home of the Carlon family could no longer suffice for so many masterpieces and they wanted to share the contemplation of these wonders to follow the philosophy of Luigi Carlon who believes that art is the source of happiness and that works live through the souls they touch.

 He therefore decided to make his 350 works available to the inhabitants of his city and to visitors from all over the world. 200 paintings, 100 drawings and some 20 sculptures stand side by side with period furniture, antique glass, ceramics and precious objects.


Pablo Picasso - Seated Woman © Paolo Riolzi

Gian Battista Cignaroli - Cleopatra © Palazzo Maffei

"Madonna con  Bambino” 

di Giandomenico Cignaroli  









Walking through the eighteen rooms of the museum allows you to travel through the centuries in an aesthetic harmony that combines antique elegance and modernity.


Each room has its own theme, landscapes, heroines or religious images. The Veronese painters from the 14th to the 17th century interact in perfect complicity with the works of Lucio Fontana, Arturo Martini or Alberto Burri. 


The atmosphere of this house - museum then opens onto a veritable contemporary art gallery where the most prestigious signatures follow one another in chronological order from Picasso to Warhol, including Mirò and Magritte.

Giovanni Boldini - Herbs Square © Palazzo Maffei

Giorgio De Chirico Greeting from a distant friend © Paolo Riolzi 









From the splendors of the past to the avant-garde elite of the 20th century, the exhibition plays with blue and red colors before arriving at immaculate white to showcase the beauties and talents of all these equally moving pieces of art that are fascinating.


A library will soon come to complete this cultural route in its literary and theatrical dimension.

Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo is a sumptuous example of patronage that offers every art lover the happiness of feeling at home in the heart of a private collection. 




Luxuriously refreshing, 

artistically unmissable, 

a new myth is born in Verona.

Felice Casorati - Small Plants…. © Palazzo Maffei

Detail Façade Palazzo Maffei © Alessandra Cenna

Ceiling Palazzo Maffei © Alessandra Cenna



Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo

Piazza delle Erbe 38 - Vérone - Italie