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The Star of the Poet

Micha Christos

Grand Palais


October, 3 2018 - February 4 2019

Bleu II


oil on canvas ; 270 x 355 cm

France, Paris, Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne

don de la Menil Foundation en mémoire de Jean de Menil, 1984

Painting-poem («Photo: this is the color of my dreams»)


oil on canvas

97 x 130 cm

États-Unis, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Pierre and Maria-Gaetana Matisse Collection, 2002

At the Grand Palais until February 4, 2019, the retrospective dedicated to the great Catalan master Joan Miró (1893-1983) brings together nearly 150 essential works of this unique and major artist of modernity. Miró enlightened the art of the twentieth century with his creative power and poetic genius. 

This pioneer of unparalleled generosity and originality declared: «People will understand more and more that I was opening doors to another future, against all misconceptions, all fanaticisms.»


The scenography, created especially for the spaces of the Grand Palais, is reminiscent of the Mediterranean world of Miró. Like waves with incessant movement towards the infinite, his major works are like radiant suns in the firmament of the infinite imagination.


Through his different periods, tawny, cubist, detailed or surreal, Miró never stops looking, questioning himself in order to create a resolutely new language in unusual forms and vocabulary. 


He draws his vitality from the infinitely small of the everyday, starting point that takes him to ride his dreams to reveal a universe hitherto unknown.


« Ineed a starting point,» says Miró, «even a grain of dust or a burst of light. This form gives me a series of things, one thing is giving rise to another thing. So a piece of wire can trigger me a world.»


The rise of fascism in the 1930s saw him engage in an endless struggle for freedom.

The Harlequin Carnival


oil on canvas ; 66 x 93 cm

Etats-Unis, Buffalo, collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Room of contemporary Art Fund, 1940

The Hope of the Sentenced to Death II

February 9 1974

acrylic on canvas

267 x 351 cm

Spain, Barcelona

Fundació Joan Miró

Dutch interior III


oil on canvas

130 x 97 cm

États-Unis, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

legs de Florene M. Schoenborn, 1995







«Wild» paintings illustrate the strange and unprecedented power he gives to his work in these moments of extreme tension. In the 1940s, the appearance of the Constellations, a series of exceptional small formats performed in Varengeville-sur-Mer, Normandy, delivers a dialogue with unfulfilled dreams.


Soon ceramics will give birth to sculpture. He breathes his dreams into the material that cannot dominate this infinite spark, this door that is open on the galaxy.


With apparent simplicity, Miró transforms the world of a sign, a trace of a finger, a slight stroke on the canvas or on the ground into a marriage with fire. Amazing unions and unusual connections are constellating his universe to re enchant our world.


«For me,» admits Miró, «a painting must be like sparks. It must dazzle like the beauty of a woman or a poem.»

Young girl escaping


painted bronze (sand cast)

Susse Fondeur, Arcueil, Paris

168 x 38 x 59 cm

collection particulière

The Farm


oil on canvas

123,8 x 141,3 cm

États-Unis, Washington, National Gallery of Art

don de Mary Hemingway, 1987








 In the last twenty-five years of the painter’s creation, the meditative emptiness seizes his paintings in large formats. The magnitude of the gesture is added to his touch so meticulously precise.

His paintings Blue I, Blue II and Blue III of 1961 will be his first monumental works and mark the ultimate culmination of his art.

Miró sees his acuity sharpened by the passage of time and leads him to navigate more and more on the borderline of the real and the unreal, between despair and hope.


Miró, international Catalan, freedom lover, has created a unique and yet fabulously universal language. An artist fiercely independent, he knew how to give a color to dreams...



pastel on velvet

106 x 71 cm

collection particulière

Painting-poem («A star caresses the breast of a Negress»)


oil and hand inscription on canvas ; 130 x 195 cm

Royaume-Uni, Londres, Tate

acquisition, 1983


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du Général Eisenhower

75008 Paris


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