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Of Art and Of Light

Alessandra Cenna


Verona Italia

Piazza delle Erbe 38 

Chiara Dynys “ Over Nature «

 © Alessandra Cenna

Antonio Canova “Amorino» 

Chiara Dynys «Over Nature»

 © Alessandra Cenna 








Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo, Verona's magnificent museum opened to the public in February of last year, recently opened its second exhibition floor.

In this Maison d'Art imagined by the collector Luigi Carlon and his daughter Vanessa, ten new rooms have been opened to offer even more beauty in this rich decor, which has retained all its authenticity. In these places, sculptures and paintings, Roman antiquities and precious objects interact with happiness.

On the second floor, each of the rooms has its own personality, delightfully mixing old and contemporary, dream and reality to capture the deep nature of the universe and its infinite character.

Antonio Burri» Noir Rouge et Bois  «

Fausto Melotti «Contrepont Simple»

 © Alessandra Cenna

Cadres - Salle sur le Périmètre du Monde et Ses Limites. 

 © Luca Rotondo 

Mimmo Paladino « Witness »

 © Luca Rotondo 









 The bust of Marcus Aurelius sits majestically in the Antiquarium next to the "Gladiators" of Chirico. The philosopher emperor thus rubs shoulders with combatants in the arena struggling to regain their freedom at the cost of their lives. Another room is an ode to nature with the works of Antonio Canova and Chiaria Dynys before entering a space dedicated to the typical Veronese landscapes of the 19th century.

The walls decorated with precious frames, totally empty, seem to expect visitors to deposit their dreams.







At the heart of the Salon du Collectionneur, "Hope", the iconic work of Robert Indiana rubs shoulders with 17th century Florentine and Venetian furniture. This wonderful journey ends in beauty with the work of Daan Roosegaarde, the "Lotus Maffei" whose petals change on contact with human beings to flourish and metamorphose to the rhythm of light and heat.


A pure marvel of organic architecture rounds off this stroll through the universe of this superb Palazzo Veronese in an apotheosis of sensitivity, the discovery of which is always a most refined pleasure.

Mario Schifano «Without Title»

 © Luca Rotondo 

Project Room - Daan Roosegaarde «Lotus Maffei»

 © Alessandra Cenna

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