Art is divine

In the thread of the soul

Micha Christos


20 rue Amélie

75007 Paris




Workshop detail

© L. Jaffrennou

Workshop view

© L. Jaffrennou










Laurent Jaffrennou, a French artist born in 1972, exhibits his works at the Galerie Mayaro in the heart of the Marais in Paris. Under the name "Replis", he proposes paintings composed of drawings, paintings and collages in different delicate layers. His faded forms linked by a simple thread play with subtle transparency and create islands, horizons similar to the windows of oriental palaces. Interior, exterior, the refuge of the soul is built to protect the fragility of its essence and breathe the era of its time.






In this work of purification, these palimpsest architectures contain the memory of the past and the fragility of the future. The being folds and unfolds at the rhythm of its construction in the hive of its creation.


Laurent Jaffrennou has lived in Cairo and has made numerous trips to the Middle East, to Beirut, Damascus and Sana'a. In his works, the aerial form of the Moucharabieh is drawn, distilling its shaded freshness to the sun drinker. He uses the sandy tones of the desert, from the whiteness of the zenith to the shadow of the starry night. His eclipses play with the yin and yang curves of Phoebe and Astarte on the Celadon banks of Poseidon.


The formats of his paintings ask the eye to secretly penetrate them to contemplate unknown and yet familiar gardens.


Shadows and lights of a universe in its heart deployed ...


Eclipse II 2021

Mixed media 53X45 cm

© V.Ganakova

Hive V 2020

Mixed Media  53X45 cm

© V.Ganakova

Hive I 2020

Mixed Media 53X45 cm

© V.Ganakova

Workshop view with the artist

© L. Jaffrennou