Love is ALL

Love at the theater

Jean Robert-Charrier





Jean Robert - Charrier and his passion for the theater is a story lived in urgency with intensity in a succession of revelations always frank and fast.

It all starts with a performance of Laurent Terzieff and a night dreaming about it when he returns to his cradle of Touraine. In the morning, he announces to his mother that he gives up the right for comedy. At the age of 19, he moved to Paris ready to conquer this world as visible as it was invisible behind the great red curtain.

Following in the footsteps of his idol, he enrolled in the course of Florent who accepts him immediately in second year, but the «starlet» quickly tires him. He wants to be a Terzieff forever and not a young first-timer. He then goes to another school where a comrade offers him the post of ripping tickets that he is about to leave at the Porte Saint-Martin theater.

He thus wins this first chair thanks to his advantageous physique and it is the revelation. He will then constantly become the conductor of this magical maze of backstage, machinery, lodges that live and vibrate to the rhythm of rehearsals and applause in ever changing sets. 

The boards burn, he traces his destiny by proposing Jean-Claude Camus his project of reform of his private theater. 

He works tirelessly, takes evening classes, management, human resource, nothing is left to chance to achieve his dream.

Very quickly he directs with the boiling energy of his youth this institution of the Porte Saint Martin, the biggest stage of Paris.


At only 25 years old, he takes the reins of this drunken boat that makes him pitch to heart and body. 

He invests it to make his home, creating around him a team of relatives, even very close as his mother. 

In his early days, he remained in the tradition of the boulevard and wrote successful pieces in the style of pure vaudevilles dreaming of great works.

For him the Porte Saint-Martin must produce a magic to his excess, the largest plateau of Paris is made for the grandiose, the ambitious and it is this fabulous challenge that Jean Robert - Charrier likes to meet every moment.

Exalted by this new artistic breath that he has been able to breathe into his theater to grow and dream, he remains deliciously excited about the next challenge that life will surely come to him.

The future calls him, without fear, he has only one fear that of boredom but he knows that it is incompatible with its frantic pace.


His pen whispers stories to him and will soon come to bed on paper in the form of new pieces but also a book to tell his own. As for the stage, why not, on the side yard or the garden side, its entry can be done tomorrow.


For today, because tomorrow can still wait briefly, he directs the Festival of Anjou solo, thinks to buy a small theater and sees well with Arlette, his faithful admirer on all fours, play the gentleman of a house of Breakfast.




The curtain is not ready to fall, 

nor the applause to choke in the face 

of this solar energy and, of course, theatrical, 

only waiting to pursue the challenges of his desires.