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Nicolas Jurnjack - In the Hair

Rivka V. Nahmias


© Nick Norman 

© Nick Norman







Among the greatest French hairdressers there is a visionary with golden fingers.

What is the genius of Nicolas Jurnjack? His phlegm undoubtedly, and his way of handling impertinence to translate on the podiums and in the pages of magazines, the inspiration of the greatest stylists as if it were obvious. To shake the codes of the hairstyle, to renew itself to infinity is a subtle exercise ... 





In «In The Hair», his autobiographical book, Nicolas Jurnjack recounts the arrival of the digital revolution in a world previously closed and reserved for an elite. From the Top Models Years to the Instagram Years, or how Fashion opened up to the «Y» generation via the social media, leading its designers, hairdressers and photographers who, exploring new concepts, changed forever how to envisage the Look.

Filled with humor and highly sharpened, the free look he throws on woman, life, celebrities or fashion is not lacking in spirit.

Illustrated with 15 still life’s photographed as perfectly as sculpted sculptures, spiced up with charcoal drawings by Alexander Mc Queen, Albert Elbaz, Vogue or Harpers Bazaar, this captivating narrative brings us back to the pomp of the ‘90s where everything was allowed. And paradoxically, more indomitable and disobedient than today...

A delicious blend of depth and lightness, a tale that is lively that one would be delighted to see one day brought to the screen.