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Hugo Pratt - Poet and Pirate -

Micha Christos


May 25 to November 24, 2019 



Dream Paths

Corto Maltese, Les Celtiques, aquarelle, 1979.

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Born in Rimini by chance in 1927, Hugo Pratt, an international Venetian, received in his cradle the genes of travel, mystery and poetry.

A grandfather of Anglo-French origins and a grandmother from Turkey who is passionate about cinema and drawing, give him his globetrotting genius DNA.

But it is his other grandfather; a Sephardic Jew, who emigrated from Spain to Venice, a famous chiropodist and poet in his time that transmitted his love for the words and the images they inspire.

Corto Maltese, J’avais un rendez-vous, aquarelle, 1994.

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Les Femmes de Corto Maltese, aquarelle, 1994.

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With his fortuneteller mother, his aunt comedienne in love with Opera, his father, finally an officer of the Italian colonial army in Abyssinia, the current Ethiopia ... the stage is set for this fighter of literature, this Don Juan with a thousand and one conquests, this intrepid traveler who gave birth to his dream life with his charismatic character, Corto Maltese.

He gave birth to his fascinating captain in Malta, a gypsy of Seville and a father from Cornwall who grew up in the midst of fairies and magicians, a dreamlike world that inspired him with the taste of the open sea.

The father of Hugo Pratt had given him Stevenson’s book, «The Treasure Island» before he went into military detention without return, telling him that one day, he too would find his treasure island.

From this moment on, the life of the young teenager had as theater, the world, to the rhythm of the journeys that forged his soul and nourished his heart to give birth to Corto, his anti-hero.

This superb and proud captain observes no rule and is faithful only in friendship. From childhood, he chose his destiny by tracing with razor this line of luck that a friend of his mother does not see in his hand.

Free as the birds he contemplated on his journeys, an anarchist refusing anything that could prevent him from going forward, the beautiful brown aquiline profile, gentleman with the earring is famous on all continents.

Hugo Pratt’s life and that of his dream character are inextricably intertwined, they feed with fervor and grace.

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Tous droits réservés

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Tous droits réservés.

Creator and creature, travelers on earth and in the imagination, by dint of surveying the real world and that of the spirits, the watercolors become carnal and transparent like its chimeras...

An endless adventure for this «Angel at the Window of the East», disappeared in the silence of the Spanish Civil War to live forever in «the lagoon of beautiful dreams» for an eternal retreat in the heart of Pandora, while his spiritual father died at age 68 in the peaceful cradle of Switzerland.


More than an exhibition, a daydream,

a trip on the waves of eternity ...

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