Luxury is freedom

From Léthé to Olympe

by Alessandra Cenna



Courtesy PARIS



Courtesy PARIS-

For its 16th edition of the annual “Les Fleurs du Mal” exhibitions, Maison Guerlain pays tribute to the work of Charles Baudelaire in its Champs Elysées boutique.

Emphasizing the deep links between nature and artistic creation, the House invites twenty-six artists to represent their idea of the “Flowers of Evil” through their works.

Baudelaire was the subject of a violent trial following the scandal caused by the publication of his marvelous poems. He was fortunately supported by his protector Empress Eugénie for whom the House of Guerlain created its iconic “Abeille Bottle” which is celebrating its 170th anniversary on the same occasion.

At the origin of the famous essences of the House, flowers have this fabulous ambiguity of representing angelic purity as well as malefic intoxication. This sweet and fragile beauty can be intoxicating once distilled and their sensual curves are both reassuring and carnal. They accompany moments of life and death, reminding everyone of the intimate border between the two.


Magnificent queens, they carry in their hearts the existential anguish of the subtle chalice which encloses in its golden gangue good and evil as opposite as they are inseparable.

A waltz between spleen and ideal in a scent of eternity...


Maison Guerlain

68, Avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris

from October 18 to November 13, 2023.


Joël Andrianomearisoa - Hindi Zahra

Installation of 42 sculpted roses - Sound piece in collaboration avec Hindi Zahra

Fragrance Burkan by The Moroccans 2022 - Images ©Ayoub El Bardi


Duy Anh Nhan Duc