Luxury is freedom

Molten metal

Photographer Nicolas Guillon - By Micha Christos


Gazza Graham loves to see every piece of jewelry come out of his hands. True craftsman of the material, he carefully chooses the materials to which he will give shape. These designs are timeless and retain the imprint and soul of their creator.


The lost wax technique dates back to the third millennium and allows him to sculpt every piece out of his imagination. The original sculpture arises from this unique mold created using the wax model. The finishes are also handmade, which retains all the specificity of this artisanal method whose perfect imperfection cannot be reproduced by any machine.

Like Vulcan, Gazza Graham draws his creativity from fire and metal. He explores the themes of nature in its most primitive forms. His symbolic talismans have an eternal force far from fashions and trends. Tightrope walker, he plays on the border between symmetry and asymmetry, giving a breath of tactile life to each of his works. They are all unique and retain the trace of their sculpture in curves, bumps and cracks, original signatures of their birth under the fingers of their creator.


Each Gazza Graham jewel bears his mark and offers itself as a dialogue with infinity.