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Gazusa that sparkles...

Alessandra Cenna

© Gazusa

Gazusa, a young Italian start-up created by two opticians, Laura Spada and Iuri Gionchilie in Bergamo, signs original and innovative products in the world of eyewear.


For these niche glasses, high-fashion eyeglasses and bespoke glasses made with handcrafted and unique techniques, glasses become the true protagonists of creation.

© Gazusa

© Gazusa





The materials used are unusual, such as gold thread, high quality leather thread, rubber or extreme resistance cords. 


All these threads are pierced and sewn successively by hand to make unique glasses.


The glasses are transformed into frames and can change colors depending on the choice of thread or the seam of the sewing more or less dense.


An extraordinary concept that allows wearers to assert their style and easily change models.


These Gazusa glasses are definitely as bubbly as their name derived from gazzosa, lemonade in Italian! 

© Gazusa