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Fascinated by Psyche and human nature, to the point of having wanted to make a career as a psychiatrist, Emmanuel Guttierez chose to study at the very famous Cour Florent to embrace an acting career.


By going on stage to meet his destiny, he loved to interpret pieces of the great classics from Molière to Marivaux and from Shakespeare to Racine but also contemporaries like Pierre Notte.


In the spotlight, he decided to do psychoanalysis in order to dive into his abyss to discover the diamonds of hypersensitivity combined with the illusion of a feeling of omnipotence.


This assumed duality allowed him to know how far he could go by immersing himself in his role-plays to better savor what his literary studies had given him, a glimpse of the happiness of confronting an author's text.

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In love with this setting in the abyss in phase with words or of an era, he was able to take flight cherishing in his heart the words of André Gide that resonate with truth in his soul "Art is born of constraints, lives off struggles and die of freedom. ”

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Emmanuel Guttierez has always seen himself as an instrumentalist on the notes of his cracks and his strengths.

Piano and pianist, he sets out in search of this ultimate harmony between his own score and a large orchestra.


Beneath a cheerful exterior, his natural gravity leads him to love dancing on a razor's edge to interpret fragile emotions and torments. A logical paradox, his career began with one of the most famous comedies at the “Boeing, Boeing” theater by Marc Camoletti.

Emmanuel Guttierez has, in fact always liked to confront marked universes. He also has wonderful memories of his interpretation of Tom in Tennessee Williams’ “Menagerie of Glass” in front of Marie-Christine Barrault.


Today, he dreams of putting himself at the service of works directed at the cinema by André Téchiné, Jacques Audiard, Xavier Dolan or David Lynch and of working with Anne Bourgeois or Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota in the theater.

His projects will bring him back to the screens with the next feature film by Sylvain Chomet "Le Pognon" inspired by the dramatic comedy "A vos souhaits" by Pierre Chesnot and created in 1976 by Bernard Blier at the Théâtre de la Comédie des Champs-Elysées. The boards also call him with the play “Temps Suspendu” by Danielle Mathieu-Bouillon, alongside Pierre Forest and Nicolas Vaude.


Finally, a committed artist, he took part in the music video against homophobia "Je te donne", a cover of the famous title by Jean-Jacques Goldman alongside 60 personalities from the entertainment world. The broadcast of this clip has been postponed due to the global pandemic but should see the light of day very soon.


The opportunity for Emmanuel Guttierez to show the full chiaroscuro palette of his talents and emotions.

A very beautiful Caravaggio from smile to tears.


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