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Manhattan Oatmeal Cookies


Ingredients for about 15-20 cookies:

• 170 g unsalted butter at room temperature

• 180 g brown sugar 

• 1 whole egg

• 4g of vanilla extract (about a teaspoon)

• 95 g of flour

• 1 sachet of baking powder

• 1 pinch of salt

• 260 g rolled oats

• 60 g pecan nuts

• 60 g of nuts

• 75 g raisins


In a salad bowl, mix the butter with the brown sugar until you get a homogeneous paste and then incorporate the whole egg. Beat everything for a few minutes so that this mixture is creamy.

Add the flour, baking powder, vanilla extract and salt.

Then stir in the rolled oats, nuts and raisins.

Mix everything well.

 Form balls in the palm of your hand the size of an ice cream ball.

Little tip to prevent the dough from sticking to your fingers: moisten your hands before forming the balls!





Preheat your oven to 180 degrees in fan heat.


Place a baking sheet on the baking pan and arrange the balls (9 max per batch because cookies will sag while baking and risk sticking together if they do not have enough space!).


Let them cook for 11 minutes precisely and let them cool so that they harden a little.


To taste according to the desires: Strawberry pies Chantilly or even plain!

Spaghetti with pesto


Ingredients for 4-6 people:

• 1 large bunch of fresh basil

• 4 very ripe tomatoes

• 1 garlic clove

• 1 nice piece of parmesan

• olive oil

• salt and pepper

• 1 packet of very good quality spaghetti: Aldente or Rummo


Boil the tomatoes for a few seconds and then pass them under cold water to cool them. This action will allow you to peel them very easily.

Then cut the tomatoes roughly. You have to arrive at a consistency between blended parts and pieces.

Chop the basil then cut the garlic finely.

Take the piece of Parmesan and coarsely chop it: there must be more or less large pieces (do not grate it!)

Mix everything in a small bowl then season with a generous drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper and for the more courageous, a little chili!

Cook your pasta according to the cooking time indicated on the package.

Aldente cooking is always better. Once the pasta has drained, salt, pepper and add olive oil to prevent the pasta from sticking.


Serve the cold pesto on hot pasta!

Summer fruit smoothies


Ingredients for 4 persons:

• a tray of very good strawberries

• some raspberries

• a few fresh mint leaves

• a very ripe mango

• 2 brugnons or very ripe peaches

• 1 banana

• 1 lime

• 1 lemon


Strawberry, raspberry and mint smoothies:


Rinse the strawberries and raspberries. Place them in a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice and a little brown sugar. Mix and let stand.

Chop the mint leaves and mix them with the strawberries.

In a blender, mix everything with 2-3 ice cubes for freshness and half a banana for gourmets


Mango, peach and lime smoothies:


Peel and cut the mango and the peaches, then add the lime juice.

In a blender, mix everything with 2-3 ice cubes for freshness and half a banana for gourmets.

For a nice presentation: grate the zest of the lime and a few mint leaves.


Freshness and vitamins guaranteed !

Salmon steak and colorful salad


Ingredients for 4 persons:

• 1 handful of coral lentils

• 1 handful of quinoa

• 4 salmon steaks

• olive oil

• herbs of provence

• salt pepper

• sherry vinegar

• soy sauce

• ¼ shallot

• 1 lemon


Cook the quinoa and lentils in boiling water for 10-12 minutes.


Heat your oven on grill to 190 degrees. Place the salmon steaks directly on a baking sheet on the baking pan.

Sprinkle with olive oil, Provencal herbs, salt and pepper and a generous dash of lemon.

Put in the oven and let roast for a good ten minutes in a very hot oven.

While cooking, prepare the vinaigrette for the quinoa and lentil salad:

A tablespoon of soy sauce, a teaspoon of vinegar, ½ lemon juice,

2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix.

Finely chop the shallot and mix with the vinaigrette. “Line” a dish with this colorful salad and place the grilled salmon pavers on top.


Sprinkle with lemon juice!

Ginger and coconut carrot soup


Ingredients for 4 persons:

• 10 medium carrots

• 1 fresh ginger

• 1 small tin of coconut milk

• 1 lemon

• some coriander leaves

• fresh chilli

• Sesame seeds


Peel the carrots and cut them into sections.

Steam them (ideally), or insert in simmering water.


Once tender, put them in your blender with a little cooking water (adjust according to the desired texture).


Peel and cut a piece of ginger about the size of your thumb (adjust to your taste) and mix it with the carrots.


Add ¾ of the small tin of coconut milk, salt, pepper and lemon juice !


In a nice bowl, serve the hot soup with a few fresh coriander leaves for the eyes and the palate, then with some sesame seeds and the finely chopped red pepper!


All green salad


Ingredients for 4 persons:

• 1 packet of fresh organic peas

• 10 radishes

• alfafa sprouts

• 1 cucumber

• 1 avocado

• Sesame seeds

• 1 lemon

• olive oil

• Sesame oil

• soya sauce

• salt and pepper

• some basil leaves


Steam the peas for 5 minutes so that they keep their bright green color.

Cut radishes into thin strips (after washing them), cucumber and avocado.

Prepare the dressing by mixing a tablespoon of soy sauce, the juice of a lemon, a tablespoon of olive oil and a sesame.

Chop the basil very finely and mix it in the vinaigrette, adding a little salt and pepper.


Place nicely vegetables in the dish, add some alfafa sprouts and pour all of the vinaigrette and basil on it!



The real summer salad


Ingredients for 4 persons:

• 5 tomatoes

• 1 fully peeled cucumber

• Feta cheese

• 1 lemon

• Olive oil

• Salt and pepper

• 15 fresh mint leaves


Cut the tomatoes into quarters and each quarter in half.


Peel the cucumber and cut it into slices about 1.5 cm thick.


Place in a dish and sprinkle generously with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.


Cut the block of Feta into large cubes and finely chop the mint leaves.


Spread the Feta and mint nicely on the salad.


You can add olives or an avocado if you wish!