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Golden Safes

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For more than a century, the Italian brand Conforti has been recognized worldwide for its safes and exceptional protection systems.

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In 1912, Silvio Conforti built his first safe, drawing inspiration from his passion for the art of ironwork. This magnificent piece received the prize of the National Craftsmen Competition, the "Weil Weiss".


By using the techniques of the past in their artistic supremacy and those of the future in their industrial dimension, this work has laid the foundations of a society dedicated to excellence.


The family tradition is also so deeply rooted in his heritage that Ingegnere Leopoldo Conforti, son of the founder, created a private place called Clavis, to exhibit his personal collection of more than 700 keys and locks from Roman and Byzantine antiquity in these days. This museum pays tribute to the talent of the ironworkers who have known through the centuries to give their letters of nobility to this symbol of power with a sacred character since it accompanies the history of humanity from earth to heaven with Saint Peter and the gates of paradise.

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Faithful to its DNA, the company has successfully developed under its “Exclusive Safes Conforti” brand a collection of tailor-made safes to meet the requirements of customers looking for perfect security for their values with a concern for great elegance and of pure aesthetics.


These "Haute Couture" made in Italy safes use the most precious materials to design beautiful and refined objects both outside and inside.


The house, located in the Veneto region, calls on the know-how and talents of the best professionals in the field of wood, leather, marble and precious stones to give a unique luxury to each of the pieces that are born in its workshops.


Each customer can thus find the style that corresponds to his desires and tastes in terms of decoration. From the most classic leather sheathing to the paving of mother-of-pearl or malachite, the craftsmen fashion compartments and drawers, lighting and winding systems for the perpetual movements of Haute Horlogerie collectors on demand.

Antique chest 1912 : © Roberto Bigano

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As for security, it requires the same precision for mechanical combinations as for sets of keys. Padded, studded, lacquered or satin gold, whatever its finish, each safe is entirely dedicated to the conservation of the most precious goods. The options are limitless; the only fundamental rule is full customer satisfaction, whether classic or daring.


State-of-the-art masterpieces whose beauty cannot be shamed for the treasures for which they are intended, these inviolable cases are masterfully signed to pass to posterity ... in complete safety.





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