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Little Piece of Heaven

Alessandra Cenna

StarsBox© Simone Mondino 

Secret dreams of lovers of nature and absolute silence, the concept of "tiny houses" appeals to all those who seek a refuge away from the bustle of the world.


To meet the desires of these legions of Robinson Crusoes, the architects designed real bubbles of comfort, more or less luxurious or functional, to escape noise, stress and pollution.


Thus, Casa Ojolà, a young Italian company founded by Beatrice Bonzanigo and Ryan Nesbitt, presented at Milan Design Week last year a 27 m2 housing module that can be transformed into a thousand solutions in its interior thanks to a system mechanical manual. This haven of peace can be immersed in the idyllic site of any choice and offers the comfort of its two bedrooms. The design can be customized according to the wishes of its owners by modifying the materials used. This little house can open completely to allow you to experience this return to nature with more intensity.


Another refuge, the LumiPod was designed by the Lyon company, Lumicen. This single-celled round cocoon has its own sliding canopy to better savor the landscape.


In Latvia, Brette Haus imagined charming small transportable chalets. Each house from 22 to 47 m2 equipped with all modern comforts can thus move as desired in city or rural mode. Wood offers by itself an ideal air conditioning to its happy occupants during their travels.

Inspired by the old traditional huts of shepherds transhumance in the Ligurian Alps, StarsBox by Officina82 offers its wooden nest like a tent under the stars, a real box of surprises.

In the heart of the Dolomites, the Rifugio Col Gallina offers accommodation in a small cabin, the StarLight Room Dolomites 360 °, facing the splendid rocky cathedrals, a magical shelter for lovers of unique shows.

These private homes are extremely successful and the concept is in full development.

Uniting a return to the sources and romantic atmospheres, these cabins are the symbol of a human-sized desire with deep respect for their natural cradle.


Casa Ojalà srl 




Brette Haus 




Rifugio Col Gallina Passo Falzarego - Dolomites- Italie


Casa Ojola Africa  © Alessandro Parena, copyright Casa Ojalà srl

LumiPod by Lumicen © Kevin Dolmaire 

Casa Ojola - Grèce © Alessandro Parena, copyright Casa Ojalà srl

StarsBox © Nicola Rinaldi 

Brette Haus  © Brette Haus 

 Starlight Room 360° - Rifugio Col Gallina Passo Falzarego -Dolomites Italie  

© Giuseppe Ghedina 

 Starlight Room 360° - Rifugio Col Gallina Passo Falzarego -Dolomites Italie  

© Giuseppe Ghedina 

LumiPod by Lumicen© Kevin Dolmaire