Art is divine

Aquatic stripes

By Alessandra Cenna


Contemporary Art Space and Public Observation Point





©Michele Nastasi

Five years after Christo’s performance "The Floating Pierce", Lake Iseo once again plays an important role in the art world.


In Pisogne, a thousand-year-old village on the shores of the Italian lake, a new space has recently been created near the port that has become a washhouse, the Mirad ’Or.

©Michele Nastasi

With this free access day and night exhibition, art regains its public dimension. This pavilion, on stilts immersed in the lake, dialogues with the sublime landscape, a real fusion between land and water.

To inaugurate this new gem of the beautiful Lombard region, its Artistic Director, Massimo Minini, chose Daniel Buren.

French artist and sculptor, this witness to conceptual art, known worldwide for his famous columns at the Palais Royal in Paris, rewrites his artistic vocabulary in infinite stripes. At Mirad’Or, his four works integrate optical fiber, so they are visible from the mainland and even better from the opposite shore of the lake.


"I am not exhibiting striped bands, but striped bands in a certain context….", declares Daniel Buren. 

Other exhibitions will follow in this unusual place that celebrates the union of culture and nature.


©Michele Nastasi