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Blowin' the wind

by Micha Christos






Until April 30 2023 



Bob Dylan, Red Sunset, 2019 Acrilico su tela / acrylic on canvas


Bob Dylan, ritratto 

Credit Ken Regan


Bob Dylan, Corner Café, 2021 Acrilico su tela / acrylic on canvas



Bob Dylan, Abandoned Motel, Eureka, 2015-2016

Acrilico su tela / acrylic on canvas







“In each image, the viewer does not have to wonder if it is a real object or a delusional object. If the viewer visited the place where the image actually existed, they would see the same thing. This is what unites us all. »

Bob Dylan


“Retrospectrum” the BOB DYLAN exhibition curated by Shai Baitel opened on December 16 at the MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts. Europe's first retrospective dedicated to the visual arts of one of the most important icons of global contemporary culture, it presents more than 100 works including paintings, watercolours, ink and graphite drawings, metal sculptures and video material covering more than 50 years of Bob Dylan's creative activity.


In a completely redesigned version to dialogue with the dynamic and futuristic spaces of Zaha Hadid's MAXXI, the works exhibited highlight the motifs that have always been part of Dylan's imagination as a musician and which also in his paintings in the form designs and colors. Dylan shows his personal vision of the poetic depths of the United States.



Bob Dylan, Endless Highway 2, 2015-2016

Acrilico su tela / acrylic on canvas




The exhibition highlights how words, visual arts and music are in correspondence for Dylan in a real deep connection. Motels, restaurants, long highways converse with abandoned amusement parks and rub shoulders with revisited “Rolling Stones” and “Playboy” magazines.


New Orleans, cradle of Jazz, is at the heart of Dylan's inspiration with scenes of everyday life in an intimate version.

For the occasion, the national public collection of the MAXXI is enriched with a work by Dylan. This work was created around the famous 1965 song "Subterranean Homesick Blues", which features the first and perhaps the most famous music video in history. In it, Dylan drops to the beat of the music a series of sheets of paper with the lyrics to the song that were written the previous night by a group of friends.


Bob Dylan said: “It's gratifying to hear that my visual works are going to be exhibited at MAXXI in Rome, a truly awesome museum in one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world. This exhibition aims to provide perspectives that examine the human condition and explore the mysteries of life that persist to puzzle us. It's very different from my music, of course, but just as determined in its intent.




BobDylan Retrospectrum



 Bob Dylan, When I Paint My Masterpiece, 2020 Acrilico su tela / acrylic on canvas