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Roofs of the World

Photographer Alessandra Cenna

Biennale di Venezia

Biennale di Venezia Pavillon Centrale Giardini “«Future Assembly»














Delayed for a year by the pandemic, the Venice Biennale, the seventeenth universal architecture exhibition, was inaugurated in the lagoon city at the end of May 2021.




"How we will live together?", this title chosen by the Lebanese Commissioner of the 17th edition, Hashim Sarkis, invites architects and artists from all over the world to celebrate life in community and to present their proposals to create places of cohabitation in peace, mutual aid and generosity .

This question takes on its full meaning in the era of Covid 19, which is disrupting the planet as its inhabitants face ecological and economic crises. These challenges must be met and humanity's efforts must be focused on reinventing the world so that it can finally live in harmony.


During the biennial, many projects focused on green themes, the new perception of inhabited territories, migratory flows, geographic changes and the fragility of the land.


“La Mostra” highlights the works of 112 participants from 46 countries, around 5 main themes. "Among Diverse Beings", "As New Households" and "As Emerging Communities" are on display at the Arsenale and "Across Borders" and "As One Planet" in the Central Pavilion.


The 61 participating countries exhibit in their pavilions at the Giardini, the Arsenale and in the historic center of Venice.

Pavillon Pologne 

“ Trouble in Paradise “ 

Pavillon Etats Unis “ American Framing” 

Pavillon Etats Unis “ American Framing” 

Pavillon Pays Nordiques : Suède, Norvège, Finlande   

“ What We Share. A Model for Cohousing” 





With its "Uncertainity", the Spanish Pavilion has chosen to show the color of this uncertainty of the next day by giving food for thought to the journey that men must take to truly live together.


The Danish Pavilion “Connectedness” focuses on the water cycle that connects all sources of life on earth.

Without limits and in an eternal cycle, water is omnipresent. During the Biennale, she dances, winds past the pontoons to offer that peaceful vision on the edge of which it is sweet to come together to savor the moment on deep sofas and enjoy a delicious cup of tea together.


Switzerland with its “Orae” is drawing a new map to the rhythm of political and social issues. Emotions map spaces to imagine a new territory.


Wood allows the United States, Japan, Belgium, the Nordic countries and Finland to come together in the same desire to celebrate this art of living together.


Pavillon Belgique “ Composite Presence” 

Pavillon Danemark “Connectedness” 






 Thus, the United States under the name of "American Framing" built an immense frame which covers the external structure of their pavilion. Inside, magnificent models pay homage to this noble material which, since the conquest of the West, represents 90 percent of private homes in the country.


Still in the same essence, Belgium's “Composite Presence” recreates miniature three-dimensional cities at the scale of 1 / 15th. As for Japan, its "Co-Ownership of Action" had all the parts of a wooden house destined for demolition transported and imagined new forms of architecture inside the houses.


The Nordic Countries "What we share - A Model of Cohousing" ask visitors to walk through the space only barefoot to walk on the parquet floor and present a new art of living very close to nature with domestic elements made entirely of wood.


Finland uses a prefab by Alvar Aalto, a kit house where tables and shelves adapt to the modern world.

Pavillon Suisse 

“ Oræ” 

Pavillon Suisse 

“ Oræ” 

Pavillon Suisse 

“ Oræ” 

Pavillon Turquie 

“ Architecture as Mesure»







 This visit to the biennial is very interactive, it invites each individual to build their own imaginary space throughout the exhibition.


At the end of the journey, the question is focused on the need to understand that everything is intimately linked and that respect for oneself, for others and for nature is the key that opens the door to a universe of beauty and serenity for the greatest happiness of each and therefore of all.







Venice - Italy - Until November 21, 2021

Pavillon Centrale Giardini 

«The Earth is an Architecture  ” -

TVK  (Pierre Alain Trévelo et Antoine Viger-Kohler)