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The Delicacies of Limoges

Alessandra Cenna



Until March 28, 2020

Shayna Leib - Millefeuille - © Eric Tadsen

Chris Antemann

 - The Dining in the Orangery (detail) - 

© Kendrick Moholt

Yuko Kuramatsu 

©Yuko Kuramatsu

Anna Barlow 

- Vanilla cup cone -  Céramique  © Juliet Sheath




In Limoges, the Bernardaud Foundation introduces its visitors to its world of porcelain manufacturing and decoration.

On this occasion and since 2002, a thematic exhibition on contemporary ceramics is organized in part of its former workshops. It offers a real springboard of prestige and notoriety to its artists, opening the doors of museums around the world.

In this year 2019, it is the theme of gluttony that is honored with fourteen international artists.

Their ceramic works have been made with different techniques to reproduce with realism the desires, impulses, sensuality and excesses inspired by sweet pleasures.





Raised pieces, banquet scenes, ice cream cones, cupcakes, Japanese cakes and donuts represent the vision of each artist in his culture and his relationship to the regressive world of sweet desserts.

This culinary debauchery is reminiscent of the eighteenth century naturalistic vogue whose ceramics in the shape of fruits and vegetables adorned the most incredible plates, displays and trays highlighting this cute sin for which it is commonly experienced so much indulgence.

Thus, the young American, Chris Antemann, was inspired by these eighteenth century feasts with his figurines as part of a rich feast at the orangery of the Palace of Versailles. In a floral, rococo and deliciously decadent, the elegant ones revel in light outfits with their discreetly naked companions. Parodying the excesses of the time, the poses are malicious with sensual glances to emphasize the abundance of culinary and carnal pleasures.

As for Anna Barlow, she presents her compositions of ice cream that melt to the rhythm of their matte and brilliant shades. The farandole of sweet foods dripping with cream symbolizes the temptation to the nausea of a too consumerist society.

Colorful and gracefully aligned, the 168 donuts made by the South Korean artist Jae Yong Kim, already famous in his country and the United States, offer a quite exquisite pleasure of eyes.

Each of these cakes, mythical specialty of American culture, is different, unique, numbered according to its form, its frosting, the shade of its color and the intensity of its brilliance.

Anna Barlow 

- Super Soft Secrets - Céramique  

© Jose Esteve

Shayna Leib 

- Coconut and mango - 

© Eric Tadsen

Shayna Leib 

- Dark chocolate cherry- 

© Eric Tadsen

Jae Yong Kim 

Donut Madness  2016-2018 

© Alessandra Cenna

The Japanese tradition is gracefully reflected in the patterns and delicate colors of Yuko Kuramatsu’s creations.

These Japanese delicacies recall the seasons playing on cherry blossoms, roses and chrysanthemums in the work of Kaori Kurihara. All these pieces are handmade. This fantastic plant universe mixes with a subtle and refined art of food and sexuality. In these beautiful fruits, pineapples, soursop and pomegranates reign a perfect harmony, an amazing energy of a rare exoticism.


The two series of desserts by Shayna Leib, which include 40 of the best French pastry recipes and 40 American desserts, have been conceived as a therapeutic experience to her allergy to sweets.

All possible techniques have been used to achieve a realistic and succulent glaze shine, soft mousses and gourmet textures of the Black Forest, the Bavarian or the no less famous Saint Honoré ...


This exhibition showcases brilliantly through these gourmet ceramics the immoderate and sensual passions that give rise to idealized food on the taste buds.


This explosion of colorful creams, however,

invites the innocent sweetness

since it keeps only the sin unsatisfied temptation

 and immortalizes the art without calories.



until March 28, 2020


27, Avenue Albert -Thomas 

87700 Limoges