Luxury is freedom

Bali the divine

By Micha Christos



Hoshinoya Bali Resort  

© Hoshinoya Hoshino 

Hoshinoya Bali Resort  © Hoshinoya Hoshino 

Hoshinoya Bali Resort  © Hoshinoya Hoshino 

The Japanese hotel group Hoshino has created a category of luxury establishments under the name of Hoshinoya. Each establishment remains faithful to the local environment and culture, thus combining thematic richness and authenticity.

Each concept of these eight hotels transports travelers to the heart of the reality visited in all its beauty.


Bali, the island of the Gods, famous for its nature, its paradisical landscapes, its temples and its rice fields is one of the privileged tourist destinations of Hoshinoya.


Built in 2017 in Ubud, in the river valley, this magnificent resort vibrates in harmony with the surrounding jungle.

Following the dictates of Balinese Hinduism, the sacred river here proclaims the importance of the balance between man, nature and the supernatural.

The decor of the thirty villas combines Balinese craftsmanship and design with the elegant purity so dear to the delicate Japanese taste.

These peaceful residences follow a canal formed by three swimming pools and thus create a Balinese village out of time. The walls of the villas are adorned with drawings that tell the story of nature to the rhythm of birds and flowers. The Japanese style doors integrate with the details of the Balinese architecture in a bi cultural atmosphere of the most successful.

The Café Gazebo overlooks a valley 170 meters deep. In this place of meditation, guests can comfortably settle down to admire a unique landscape of green peace. Immersed in a green plant bath, the guest can at leisure pick a coconut or indulge in the sweet scents of this celestial as well as terrestrial cradle. The spa offers all the pleasures of the Balinese tradition, scrubs and massages smelling deliciously of precious oils and rare herbs. The cuisine also abounds in a vast wealth of spices that madden and captivate the senses for exquisite feasts.

In this Zen break, well-being and meditation combine with serenity and pleasure in a wonderful discovery of a regained paradise.

Hoshinoya Bali Indonesie

Hoshinoya Bali Resort  © Hoshinoya Hoshino