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Divine Diva

Alessandra Cenna

DIVA © Frederik Beyens 














Capital of the diamond, Antwerp contains many other jewels than these fabulous raw or cut stones.


The DIVA Museum, Antwerp Diamond Museum, evokes this mythical stone as a star and symbol of the city.


This «star» which takes its famous Italian name to embody, as the mezzo soprano, Joyce Donato so well describes, this link between eternal heavens and mere mortals.

DIVA © Frederik Beyens 

Cabinet of Curiosities : Axel Vervoordt © Jan Liégeois










In this museum of wonders, luxury is the envy of its exceptional objects, its library and its workshop.


The winter season is off to a good start for its series of temporary exhibitions with Antwerp art dealer, collector and interior designer Axel Vervoordt. 


This man of a thousand and one passions is always in search of a dialogue between objects, looking for modernity to the heart of antiquity. In 1967, he even saved the destruction of an old passage of the city and restored it. 


This Vlaeykensgang was one of the hidden alleys of the old town where shoemakers officiated at the time of the great Rubens.

Cabinet of Curiosities 1 : Axel Vervoordt

© Alessandra Cenna 






For Diva, he was able to mix the rooms of the house with that borrowed for the occasion from his own collection to give a very personal interpretation of his room of wonders.


His treasure chest of Flanders of the sixteenth century, a memory of his childhood, plays with seashell belts of Thailand, a necklace of a Colombian healer. As for the feather crown of Brazil, it is charmed by a snake necklace of the twentieth century from the United States under the watchful eye of a gold medallion Pablo Picasso.


In the second room, inspired by the cabinets of art objects dear to the sixteenth and early seventeenth century, revives the era of scientists who love natural history and dreaming of a new world. In an imaginary bestiary, a salamander pendant, a cameo with a camel head and an owl-shaped hanap stand side by side, before reaching Lucio Fontana’s labyrinth.


This «DIVA» plunges its visitors into an extraordinary world, 

a phantasmagorical reverie that will move the senses 

and inspire the most unbridled imagination

DIVA © Frederik Beyens 

Cabinet of Curiosities :Axel Vervoordt © Jan Liégeois