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Declaration in Colors

By Alessandra Cenna


Karl Lagerfeld Anna Piaggi 1978

Courtesy Associazione Culturale Anna Piaggi






In collaboration with the Anna Piaggi Cultural Association, the Fondazione Sozzani presents two exhibitions in Milan.


One at the Foundation via Tazzoli 3 under the title " Anna Chronicle: The '70s, '80s " which presents 130 drawings from 1973 to 1984 which had been collected in 1986 in a book that has become essential. And the other," Un Fashion journal: The '90s ", at the headquarters of the Sozzani Foundation, 10 Corso Como, presents some fifty drawings and pastels made between 1990 and 1996.


The event titled “Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Piaggi. Diario illustrato di un modo di vestire Anna-cronistico " - Illustrated journal of an Anna-chronistic way of dressing" - brings together more than 180 drawings that Karl Lagerfeld made of his muse, friend and confidante, a famous icon from the '70s to the '90s.

Karl Lagerfeld Anna Piaggi 1983

Courtesy Associazione Culturale Anna Piaggi

Karl Lagerfeld Anna Piaggi 1977

Courtesy Associazione Culturale Anna Piaggi



From their first meeting in 1973 in Paris, Karl and Anna were inseparable. Karl drew his very first portrait of Anna on a Chinese restaurant napkin, immortalizing their feasts and the brand new short haircut Henry Hebel of Vidal Sassoon had imagined for Anna.


They made many trips together to Karl's houses in Brittany, in Monte Carlo and in Paris or in luxury hotels to the rhythm of the fashion shows.

Karl liked to paint her portrait in private as well as at the social gatherings they liked to attend. Anna was his source of inspiration for more than thirty years through her metamorphoses and extravagant outfits, signatures of this true fashion addict chameleon.


Fashion expert, journalist, first at Vanity Fair and then at Vogue Italy, she became Editor-in-Chief with her famous Double Pages column. A true fashion visionary, incredible creature of the Fashion System, she was also a collector and avant-garde in her choices of styles and influences.


She never went unnoticed with her blue locks, cheekbones and bright red lips. She loved the most eccentric outfits matched with the most incredible hats.



Anna Piaggi wanted neither to shock nor to provoke, she had the audacity and humor to associate and surprise, always pushing the limits of creativity.


Karl loved her with a deep friendship and he knew how to represent this bird of paradise with tenderness and admiration.


These exhibitions tell the story of an encounter, of a deep relationship between two souls fascinated by art and fashion in the heart of an environment often considered frivolous and artificial.





- MILAN - Italy


until November 28, 2021



- MILAN - Italy

ANNA - CHRONICLE, the '70s and' 80s

Anna Piaggi drawn by Karl Lagerfeld


until November 28, 2021

Karl Lagerfeld Anna Piaggi 1979

Courtesy Associazione Culturale Anna Piaggi

Karl Lagerfeld Anna Piaggi 1995

Courtesy Associazione Culturale Anna Piaggi

Karl Lagerfeld Anna Piaggi 1994

Courtesy Associazione Culturale Anna Piaggi