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To the rhythm of the canals

Photographer Alessandra Cenna



Amsterdam, the Venice of the North, is a city built on water. Its 150 canals extend over more than 100 kilometers and its islands, more or less large, are connected by bridges from different eras.

Small buildings, real lock houses have been assigned to the accommodation of the agents responsible for managing traffic. Thus the oldest house in the middle of the Amstel River has existed since 1673 and bears witness to this era, while the most recent dates from 2009.


Each "bridge house" has a different architectural style according to the dictates of the Amsterdam School of Modernism.

From 2012, these symbols of industrial heritage became obsolete with the introduction of the centralized and digital system established for the control of river traffic.


The architecture firm Space & Matter in collaboration with Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy has succeeded in creating a unique and innovative new concept in Amsterdam in order to preserve the value of these small houses. It turned them into hotel rooms.

Thus were born the “Sweets Hotel” which now has 28 magnificent addresses throughout the city.

These adorable little residences are all scattered in different neighborhoods. Each of them has its own story with a superb view of the canal.

Room 207 Nieuwe Amstelbrug courtesy of Mirjam Bleeker 





The interior furnishing style blends harmoniously with the exterior appearance and offers perfect hotel comfort in a delicious Nordic decoration. Some houses are real national monuments in very busy places or in more isolated areas.


The reservation to stay in one of these tiny houses is made online and an electronic key is sent by telephone on the day of arrival.


A wonderful and original invitation to discover the charms of Amsterdam by slipping into the shoes of a bridge keeper for a breathtaking view of its romantic canals. A very pleasant way to sleep no longer below decks but above in exquisite luxury.



Sweets Hotel Amsterdam