Luxury is freedom

Royal agapes

by Micha Christos



The Great Bay


Royal Palm Hires 

The Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury is located on the north coast of Mauritius, on the soft ribbon of fine sand of Grande Baie.

A solar icon, this jewel of elegance and pure refinement cultivates a legendary art of living, pampering its guests and making their dreams an exquisite reality without even having to ask.

Under the palm trees flourishes a wonderful sense of hospitality in its most authentic form.

In partnership with The Sukhothai Bangkok hotel, the Royal Palm and its executive chef William Girard welcome Thai chef Rosarin du Céladon as resident chef at La Plage restaurant, from October 25 to 29, 2023, for its Thai Food Festival.

The Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury regularly invites its guests to experience world cuisines through tasty gastronomic weeks.

Royal Palm Hires 

After Indian cuisine, the hotel is preparing to explore Thai cuisine in its seaside restaurant La Plage.

Celadon embodies the sophisticated delights of Thailand and its finest dishes are delicately served in a celadon-colored ceramic in reference to the legendary tradition which gives this divine color a mystical power allowing it to change upon contact with poison.

Chef Rosarin will captivate the palates of her happy guests with her exotic delights of steamed rice pancakes stuffed with crab meat with shimeji mushrooms, garlic and coriander, wild pepper or crispy duck spring rolls with their plum sauce.

Flavors of the islands in a sumptuous green landscape under a cloudless sky... those chosen who will participate in these feasts will have a very nice taste of Paradise.

Royal Palm Hires